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More than 250,000 Demonstrators in Chicago Support Washington D.C.'s Women's March Against Trump

Published: Jan 22, 2017

Women's March in Chicago Against Trump
Video of Women's March in Chicago on January 21, 2017

Chicago Downtown 60602

On a sunny and balmy 50-degree winter day, more than 250,000 Chicagoans marched in what was the nation's second-largest Women's March against Trump. The unusual warm temperature brought out hundreds of thousands of diverse people to the downtown Chicago loop.

"I march because I don't want other's talking for me," said one marcher.

Women’s March Against Trump

The crowd largely comprised women from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, along with men and children represented people of different racial backgrounds. White, Black, Asian and Latino, and Muslim walked in solidarity carrying signs that expressed their feelings about the newly inaugurated president. They marched against the newly elected president, whose policies would impact women's rights and human rights.

The demonstrators carried signs that read: "Keep your tiny hands off my rights", "Impeach Trump", "NOPE", "Pussy Power", "No Racism No Hate", and "White Silence Is Violence."

The protesters also chanted and sang as they walked. They chanted, "Love Trumps Hate" and sang songs such as "Stand By Me."

Chicago Women’s March 2017
Women's March demonstrators in Chicago downtown

Initially organizers planned to march from Columbus Drive in Grant Park to Daley Plaza, but as the large crowd flood into downtown Chicago, they decided to just let people be part of the crowd and walk the downtown loop. The march was peaceful with few to no incidents between attendees and police.

Demonstrators said they were walking not only for women's rights but immigration, LGBTQ, the environment and the Affordable Care Act. The Trump administration has spoken on these issues to the ire of the marchers.

As they walked in Chicago so did supporters in cities across the United States in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Miami, and international countries including Great Britain, Australia, France and as far away as Malawi in Africa.

Globally it is estimated that between 3 to 4 million marched in support of the Women's March. Crowd scientists estimate that the Women's March on Washington alone had three times the number of people than the crowds that attended the inauguration of the new president.

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City: Chicago

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